Sunday, October 14, 2007

Whew, I made it

Well, it certainly has been a hectic week. On Saturday, I taught an introduction to freeform class at my all time favorite place, Unraveled. The shop was humming with activity all day and I got an opportunity to see friends I haven't seen in a while. That was a real treat with lots of laughs all around. The photo for the book submission arrived and Lina, Christine and I went through them and ended up agreeing on what would be submitted. On Monday, it will be on the way to Lark Books and hopefully at least one will be accepted for the 500 Handbag book. Keeping my fingers crossed. I know I promised a peek so am adding a kind of obscure photo of one of the bags.

Of course, while at the shop I was seduced by new books, Vogue Knitting and yarns! I just had to take some home with me. Honest, I couldn't help myself. In proper penance, I will spend a few hours tidying up my work space which really needs doing as it has reached avalanche proportions at this point. God forbid, a woman could be buried up to her eyeballs in yarn and projects! Wonderful and terrible at the same time.

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Fay Lynn said...

Ok, I love the top one. Of course I love all your stuff. Yes being buried in your creations would be heaven!! If was fun to see you.