Monday, October 22, 2007

Projects, projects, projects

My trip to Ikea yielded some nice project baskets which are collapsible. My original intention was to use them in the bathroom but of course I thought of something knitterly to do, using them to corral small projects. One contains an eyelet cardigan of Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton, one has four sock projects in it, another a swallowtail lace shawl and last but not least an entrelac scarf I am working on currently (today.) I feel very smug having these tidy little groupings of baskets lined up in a row. They look decorative and don't seem as much like needy children begging to be my sole focus (less guilt.)

Today, I took some photos of an Autumn in Taos jacket I finished a while back and am posting so you can see it. There are even knitted shoulder pads inside (how Joan Crawford!)

After my work on organizing my stash, I am worn out today, who knew that one could get so tired playing with yarn! But, I am an old person and everything seems to take much longer to accomplish than it used to do. The good thing is that I can still do it at all and believe me I'm grateful for that.


Lisa said...

That jacket is just beautiful. Love the colors, love the design. I've intended to knit that one myself. I particularly like the way you combine neutrals with the purples. I'm not very good at putting the neutrals in yet, so a lot of my things are pretty bright. I'm working on it!

Tracy said...

Janice that coat is fabulous!!

I really need to take some color tips from you!!

CresceNet said...
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