Friday, October 26, 2007

Log Cabin Knitting Classes

Tomorrow I am headed for Unraveled to teach a two part class in Log Cabin Knitting. This will include an introduction to this technique from 11A-1:30P and purse construction from 2-5P. This should be a lot of fun as this is an exciting and very versatile way of constructing bags, garments, scarves, afghans and shawls. The color possibilities are incredible and crochet can even be incorporated to spice things up even more. As Unraveled is such a beautiful and welcoming location for classes, students and yarn customers, it is my all time favorite place to teach and even though it is almost a two hour drive from where I live I consider it my local yarn store. Yes, I do love it that much. I am posting a couple of photos so you get a peek at the technique and what we are going to be doing all day amongst the piles of yarn choices.

Another draw to teaching here is that I usually get to meet friends for breakfast at the lovely Peach Cafe next door, a charming place where the food is wonderful and you feel like you belong there because of they way they treat you.


ChelleC said...

Oh Janice, that jacket is beautiful! Wish I could have been there to take the class.

Life Info Zone said...
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Laura said...

Janice, the jacket is gorgeous! Can I ask you a question? I just started my first log cabin blanket and I have having two problems - the first is picking up stitches on my original block. Is there a special way to cast on and/or bind off that is looser (I'm not a "tight" knitter, but I these stitches seem to be too tight). Or am I not picking up the right stitches? I guess the second problem is related - my blocks just aren't as snug with each other as everyone else's seem to be. I love the concept, but need some help!

Janice Rosema said...

Laura, In answer to your question, I use a longtail cast on and a regular bind-off. You might be picking up your stitches in a way that twists them as that can make them tight. When picking up stitches, I usually pick up both loops of the previous row and only the front loop of a bind-off row. Hope that helps.

Laura said...

That is very helpful -- I think that will solve my problem(s)! Also, it occurred to me that part of the problem might be that I'm using a cotton blend, and it might be too "slippery" to stay snug. I think I'll try either 100% cotton or just regular worsted weight. Thanks so much for your help!

Cyndi said...

I was visiting my son in Santa Clarita recently and went to Simply Knitting and saw a display of your lovely pieces. Included was a beautiful freeform shawl that I would love to make.
I was wondering if you plan to teach this shawl at the upcoming Columbus, Ohio event.
I live in Trumbull County, Ohio and would be able to attend in Columbus.
I couldn't quit looking at that shawl!! WOW!! What a gift you have!!

Tess said...

You write very well.