Thursday, October 25, 2007

Glorious handspun yarns

Yesterday, a big box arrived from Ozark Handspun. As I opened it, glorious yarns came burgeoning out all over the place. There were so many splendid and astounding colors, I was practically gasping for air as I unearthed each skein. Lots of new colorways, some of which aren't even named yet. No one packs a box like David Gentzsch! He has really outdone himself with these new ones. My fingers are itching to start some new projects. Mentally, I am already sorting yarns into potential garments, shawls, scarves, shrugs, hats, etc. Such riches, I feel so lucky!

Today, I've also posted a couple of items made up using Ozark yarns mixed with others to create a freeform tote and a necklace/small wall hanging piece. I know that I have a tendency to rhapsodize about these yarns but they are truly gorgeous. As for the tote, I used a Tilli Tomas premade silk lining as a base and created the freeform piece and attached it to the grommets hidden under the fold at the top. This is such a great idea and they have other shapes to chose from also. You end up with a great looking bag without all the work of lining it and it's silk! What's not to love?


Yarnartist said...

OMG! I can't wait to receive my box from David!!!
The handbag is beautiious!!! so organic and fabulous.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

always in love with your creations - but that box from Ozark... wow the value of that yarn is quite high... it's one of my favorites but I gotta get to spend more time with you so that I gain courage enough to use some of what I bought from him! :)

Fay Lynn said...

Talk about color and lots to play with. OMG to get a box of yarn like that.