Monday, October 1, 2007


Well, I checked on my Ravelry status today. I signed up in August and was 26,000 and something in line at that time. As of today, there are only 5073 people ahead of me. I feel like a hen sitting on an egg waiting for it to hatch! This site looks intriguing and I have a suspicion that one could get lost in its wonders. Hopefully soon I will find out. It certainly promises to be a great resource if stuck on pattern or some esoteric question regarding knitting.

Today, I have been working on this new bag design and so far it is looking really great. The proof, however, is in the fulling of the bag when any design flaws will become apparent. Wish me luck. After it is fulled (felted) I am going to needle felt on the surface with Ozark Handspun that I have crocheted using a size U (yep that's right) crochet hook. This thing is a monster but is so neat to work with when using very bulky yarn. It is made of wood by a guy named Ed Jenkins in Oregon and feels wonderful in your hand. He makes hooks sizes N through U so it is possible to have a beautiful crochet hook in large sizes to use while creating your own fabulous work. Love it! No more plastic hooks!

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