Thursday, September 27, 2007

Doodling with yarn

Here is a little experiment with various handspun yarns including Malabrigo, Manos, Rio de la Plata and Ozark Handspun as well as some of my own handspun. In creating this I used yarns from my stash and various stitch patterns and this is the result. I think it is kind of fun.

The Sursa shawl I have been working on had to be frogged back to the center as I did not decrease enough and it was going to be several miles long I think! I hate it when that happens and I lose track of where I am at in making something. Oh well, it is only knitting and I will just have to begin those decreases again. I am making this one out of Noro Silk Garden Lite and Hotaru held together in a mostly green colorway and so far I am liking it a lot. I'll post a photo when I get it done.

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